Can’t be fixed
Never broken
Still it aches to be
Aware of an i that can’t
Seem to go beyond
The imprinted emotions
And the unwillingness
To give itself up
And give all that comes from the heart
To life, here and now
As it is
Give it up
All the investment in the unreal
Pretending not to know
Choosing the lesser path
Not choosing
Like madness is not just a (ska)band from another era
The Nile (Denial) is not just a river in Egypt
Let The Real commence!
As never before and never after
Always Now
All ways
All the way
No way
Every step is The Way
Let My knowing-ness heal the hurt
Let My heart be the heart that you live from
As it is, because it is Me that is living
As that what you call you
Be aware of the mind!
Make amends
Forgive yourself that you believed
What this house of mirrors makes real
This is helping, just this (writing)
Put your attention on the issue
that is most prominent
Most pressing for you
To bring what you are
To this pocket in this universe
Just what it needs
And pull out the flowers
The rabbit
And the best tricks to riddle the tricksters
And unite friend and foe
All one amazing bunch of Me
We are so intimate
There is no we
In Me you realize Yourself
As Yourself
We are all I
The One
We are all
And i don’t mean neo- conservatives
Be Me
It is wonder-fully-present
You will not stop to be amazed
How you are connected with
Part of
Master in
Teacher for
Student of
Dwarf and giant
Star and universe
Creator and Consumer
Of all that is