Hide and seek, charades, Maya
I want to end the game and set it all on fire

Am i tired to play the play
To play until i all ‘got it’
Is the play played until all is awake and aware

All characters are me
But only in dreams and meditations
do i get glimpses and a dawning aha…is it this big

Am i building a house, a world, a grand theater
All to recognize it’s all sentient and this is me

Is it possible to be fully aware and awake as me
As a single unit of fully me

Is it like the dream i just was dreaming
Slowly becoming aware of the dream, that my character was dreaming
Slowly becoming aware that the whole dream, all the acts and
All the players in it are there to become aware
Is it a game of mutual recognition
Are we to become aware and become masters of our own act
Fully knowing that we come from the source, we are the source
And that there is nowhere, no place that we are heading for
Other than Source Itself, that we know ourselves to be

Am i a bear that wants to forever stay in winter sleep, at the break of spring
Do i become a lion, do i roar all that is me to a state of being embodied
Awake & Aware
Do i break out of the big sleep
Do i wake up and smell the honey
Am i able to turn it all into light and celebration
Do i have the strength to see it all through
Or do i wipe away all the players and burn the stage, getting lost in rage
Just to come up with something new that will have to start from scratch

O Lord why aren’t thou a Mercedes Benz
Just step on the gas and hit for the south of France

No, before I can lay at the beach and relax with The Beloved and laughter
You and I need to get it all out, stay in our roles and keep the play going
For what else will i do, all One and nothing to do, nowhere to go?