However incomprehensibly big, huge, this story may be
It can be reduced, brought to one, to you, me
To a single atom
In you, in me
In a single atom
Lays The Mystery
It need not be resolved
For it was never broken or compromised
Only elaborately, monstrously creatively extrapolated
To what may seem to be inconceivably complicated
An impossible creation
Nevertheless, it fits, into here and now, you and me,
The atom, the cradle, the intricacies of Creation Itself
The Soulution is here, if we want to be riddled no more
What seems impossible and gone astray
Can be related to, can be realized as the one Source
of the multitude
Go within
Sit with chaos
Sit with silence
Let it blossom
Get to know the Knowing Principle
And all was, is and will be
There will be celebration again
As if ‘all this’ never happened
As we recognize ourselves again
As the Origin from which all was created
Will it go with a bang
From one to zero?
Or will we allow a more or less smooth transition
Slowly realizing the source within ourselves
Remembering all that we did en did not do?
All is well
As The Well
The Binding Factor
Of The Big Soup
Never went away
The cosmic joke is near
Allow it
Be available
Unto Your Self
Embrace the illusions, the hurt, the down and dark
Be the untouched source again
This is just a ride
Albeit extreme and unforeseen
‘We’ can ‘do’ ‘this’


‘Februari 2017’