When you know you know
Don’t act like it isn’t so
When you know you know
It is true, it is the Truth

You are here and now you know
You have just evaporated all pain and hurt
You have just been fully incarnated, finally
Truth is for real
Touch down, the master has landed
Let the alchemical transmute
All that was made true but has no more role to play
You had created the past and now you will
Make time cease to exist
It all ends here
All are here and this is how we do it
We do not have to do anything
But be ourselves
Relax, there is nothing to put under control
Return to your natural state
This will transform your vehicle, the human body
This will transform the field it emits
And it will touch the ones you meet
There is no one and no thing that controls you
You are the original Hu-man
That, together with all the boys and girls from
The Original Construct,
Will eradicate all that is artificial
Let the good times roll
Yeah baby
Nice and easy
Let The One access the many
Let the many be The One
Hu-man in
Hu-man out
All that is not in line
With Devine will
Will flatline into oblivion
The timeless time for celebration is near
Hear hear!

ART- Fluorescent Black Light Bodyscape Photography by John Poppleton2