Put on your mission shoes
follow the clues
see the hues
leave the blues
feel the truths
hear the music
smell the forest
dance with your muse
abandon abuse
be the power of One
connect with All
don’t hesitate don’t troll
be The Force embody your mission
be yourSelf and essemble your friends
connect with your planetary mother
govern yourself and bond with your sister and brother
on Earth they are and from Home they’ll come
adversaries will try to stop you but will melt like ice
the rivers will glow and real humans will shine
the birds will sing and trees will bow
be yourSelf and you will know how
all will be included and those who won’t
will step out of the boat and follow their empty hearts
now is when we do it
remember, warrior friends, we have a mission
and together with our galactic family
we will see it through
aho, ahe
be strong don’t sway
we are here
and we are
creating the way
for all
to be