I can feel it in my tummy
there’s something here that has an origin of hurt
something didn’t go well and created sticky dirt
what i can feel in my tummy doesn’t feel too yummy

the question is, is it growing or leaving
what can i do to alchemize  the hurt
i guess i can listen to what it’s got to say
see if my undivided attention will help it bay*

i will voice that which was silenced, that which was unable to respond
that which was not able to stand, transmute and bond
coming from a world beyond where all are living in harmony
planet Earth was quite a shocker which corralled me into apathy

i am here, i am now
i am shining my light on everything that couldn’t be digested
feeling what occurred, what stayed hidden in a corner and festered
let it all be seen, felt, embraced and forgiven
but not before anger and hurt and other emotions have expressed themself

let’s release all that couldn’t be
into the big white open
so that the power and glory that i am and my feelings are
return to their home, their source that is



*bay: HOWL, bark, yelp, yap, cry, bellow, roar.