one day it will happen
the event horizon will be there
the singularity that I am
the portal that is my being
will have collected so much light
that the matter of my body
can no longer hold it together
I will turn inside out
I will go supernova
my body my planet
my sun my solar system my galaxy
will cease to exist
in the form that it has held
I will relax and expand
within myself
I will relax into the presence that i am
and then
from total relaxation
I will gather myself together
I will imagine and create
I will take another breath
and breath myself another galaxy
another solar system another planet
and there i am again
in a form that is more suitable
to match the being
that through my experience i have become
and there you are
there we meet
it will be new vibrant and exciting
we will have with us the vast experience
of the lives we have lived
the forms that we have held
the roles that we have played
the drama’s that took place

I am and you are
here and now
forever we are
the possibility of all that we can imagine
all that we want all that we need
is within us
we are already all that is needed
to play and explore
to imagine and to discover
the mystery of all that I am
the I that is
You and Me