we don’t have to make an elaborate plan
to build the new world
we don’t have to counterattack governments and institutions
we don’t have to blow up mighty buildings to suggest
war on Terra is needed, yes they actually meant Terra

we need to know that we are agents of the free worlds
who are intimately connected with The Force of life
we must let The Force see through our eyes and look at the old world
we must do so with attention and compassion and let The Force decide
how their hearts will be reached and/or how their programmed minds and personae
will tilt, break and fall to the ground

to be able to let this happen we need to be who we are
we must have stopped walking in the treadmill and
we must have seen what we are not and
embraced and integrated our earthly avatar with our essence
we must have demolished the controlling forces inside ourselves

If you are not at that place yet, it’s okay
the real you can and will emerge in an instant, when you get pressured more
you can use all the cropped up emotions to make your way back
into the world where you can’t see yourself apart from others, from everything
all is well and you is all that is needed, You!